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In compliance with the obligation to provide information, Surfinca Azul SL (hereinafter, THE OWNER), in the capacity of owner of the website (hereinafter THE WEB), hereby notifies the identification details: 

 Corporate name: Surfinca Azul SL

E-mail address:

Address: Avda. Asunción 32 – 5º,38007 S/C de Tenerife, Spain.

This information makes up and regulates the conditions that govern use, the limitations on liability and the obligations that the users of the website published under the domain name hereby undertake and commit to complying with.



The domain that is placed at the disposal of the Internet Users.


Individual or legal entity that uses or browses the Page.


The pages that make up the totality of the domain, which consist of the information and services that THE OWNER places at the disposal of the Internet Users. This includes messages, texts, photographs, graphic material, icons, logos, technology, links, textures, drawings, sound and/or image files, recordings, software, appearance, graphic design and source codes, and, in general, any kind of material contained on the Page.


A technical word to describe the system for accessing information via the Internet,  which is configured using pages made with HTML, ASP, or a similar language, and programming mechanisms such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, or others, etc… In these pages designed and published under an Internet domain name they are the result of the information that the owner places at the disposal of the Internet Users.


A technique enabling a User to browse different pages on the Web, or in internet, by simply clicking on the text, icon, button or sign containing the link.                     


A technical means to enable traceability and monitor browsing of websites. These are small text files that are written on the User's computer.


The mere fact of using the Page grants the status of User to a private individual or legal person, and necessary implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the clauses and general conditions included in the Legal Disclaimer. If the User is not in agreement with the clauses and conditions for use provided in this Legal Disclaimer, they should abstain from using the Page.

This Legal Disclaimer is subject to changes and updates, which means that the version published by THE OWNER may be different each time that the User enters the Portal. Therefore the User should read the Legal Disclaimer each and every time they access the Page.

Via the Page, THE OWNER provides Users with access to and enables them to use various Contents published over the Internet by THE OWNER or authorised third parties. 

The User is obliged and hereby commits to using the Page and the Contents according to the standing legislation, the Legal Disclaimer, and any other notification or instructions of which they are informed, either via this legal disclaimer or in any other part of the contents that make up the Page as well as according to widely accepted rules of co-existence, morality and decency.

In this regard, the User hereby undertakes and commits to NOT using any of the Contents for any purposes or effects that are unlawful, or which are prohibited in the Legal Disclaimer or standing legislation, detrimental towards the rights and interests of third parties, or which may in any other manner damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the Contents, the IT equipment or documents, files or any kind of contents saved on any IT equipment owned or hired by THE OWNER, other Users or any other Internet user (hardware and software).

The User undertakes and commits not to transmit, disseminate or place at the disposal of third parties any kind of materials contained on the Page, such as information, texts, data, contents, messages, graphic materials, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software, logos, brands, icons, technologies, photographs, software, links, graphic design and source codes, or any other material to which they gain access as a result of their status as User of the Page. This list is provided on a non-restrictive basis.

Moreover, in conformity with the foregoing, the User shall not:

· Reproduce, copy, distribute, in any way make available, publicly notify, transform or alter the Contents, unless they obtain express permission in writing from THE OWNER, who is responsible for the relevant rights, or if this is legally permitted. 

· Delete, manipulate or in any way alter the copyright and other data identifying the reserved rights of THE OWNER or its owners, the digital footprints and/or identifiers, or any other technical means provided with a view to such rights being recognised.  

The User should abstain from obtaining and even from trying to obtain Contents by employing resources or procedures other than those that, as applicable, have been placed at their disposal or indicated on the web pages where they are located, or, in general, than those that are usually employed on the Internet for this purpose, as long as they do not pose any risk of the Page, and/or the Contents, being damaged or disabled.


THE OWNER does not guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors in accessing the Page or its Contents, or that they are up-to-date, although they will devote their best efforts to avoid, correct or update them, as applicable. Therefore, THE OWNER is not liable for any losses or damages of any kind caused to the User as a result of faults or disconnections in the telecommunications networks that bring about the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the Portal service during or before the provision.

THE OWNER hereby excludes, with the exceptions contemplated in the standing legislation, any liability for losses or damages caused by the lack of availability, continuity or quality in the functioning of the Page and Contents, or non-compliance with the expectation of utility that the Users may have assigned to the Page and the Contents.

The function of the links, etc. displayed on this Web is solely and exclusively to inform the User of the existence of other Webs that contain information on the matter. This does not constitute a suggestion or recommendation. 

THE OWNER does not accept liability for the contents of any such linked pages, or for the functioning, utility or result of any hyperlinks; neither do they guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in same that may cause alterations to the User's IT system (hardware and software), documents or files, excluding all liability for any damages incurred by the User for any of these reasons.  

Accessing the Page does not mean any obligation on the part of THE OWNER as regards controlling the absence of viruses, worms or any other harmful IT element. The User is in any case responsible for ensuring the availability of adequate tools to detect and disinfect any harmful computer programmes. Therefore, THE OWNER does not accept liability for any possible security errors that may occur while providing the Page service, nor for any possible damages that may be caused to the IT system belonging to the user or to third parties (hardware and software), or the files or documents saved on same, as a consequence of the presence of viruses in the computer the user has used to connect to the services and contents of the Web, of incorrect functioning of the browser or of the use of outdated versions of the latter.


THE OWNER hereby excludes any liability for the decisions that the User may make on the basis of this information, and for any possible typing errors that may be contained in the documents and graphic materials on the Page. The information remains subject to regular changes without prior notification, due to the Contents being extended, improved, corrected or updated.


The service of the Page and the Contents is provided for what is in principle an undefined duration. However, THE OWNER may at any time terminate or suspend provision of the service of the page and/or any of the contents.


With a view to streamlining the service offered, THE OWNER will or may use "cookies" in order to offer a better and more customised service.  The "cookie" is installed when the person starts to browse the website. If the User does not wish the "cookie" to be installed on their hard disk, they should configure their browser so that they are rejected, using for this purpose the procedure recommended by their browser or directly eliminating it from their computer. This may lead to a reduction in the speed and quality of functioning of THE OWNER's services. As long as the option that prevents the installation of cookies on the hard disk has not been enabled, it is possible to explore the latter by following the instructions manual and with the help of the operating system, to find out from which servers the "cookies" are sent. THE OWNER will save your typical browsing route to adapt our services to your preferences to the greatest possible extent. The User expressly consents to the use of "cookies" by THE OWNER, and it is not necessary to request permission again every time they enter our site. The names of the servers that transmit or enable the automatic data-collecting procedures are under the domain of THE OWNER's web.


While browsing the WEB, it is possible that personal data may be requested via the various web forms provided for this purpose or by e-mail. This data will be included in relevant files depending on the specific and particular purpose for which they were collected.

This means that the specific information for each data processing will be provided along with the web forms or e-mail, with all files sharing the same file controller, i.e. : Surfinca Azul SL REF: Protección de Datos/ Avda. Asunción 32 – 5º; 38007 S/C de Tenerife, Spain.

Under legal age:

If any of the services are specifically aimed at under legal age users, THE OWNER shall request the conformity of parents or guardians with the personal data being collected or, as applicable, with the data being processed on an automatic basis.

Accuracy and truthfulness of the data provided:

The User is solely liable for the truthfulness and accuracy of the data included, with THE OWNER being exempt from any liability in this regard. The users hereby guarantee and accept liability, in any case for the accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided and also undertake to keep them duly up-to-date. The user hereby accepts to provide full and accurate information on the registration or enrolment form.  THE OWNER is not liable for the truthfulness of information that they themselves have not drawn up and for which other sources are indicated; neither do they undertake any liability for any hypothetical losses that might be caused by using said information. THE OWNER reserves the right to update, alter or eliminate the information contained on their web pages, and may even limit or prohibit access to said information. THE OWNER is hereby exempt from any liability for losses or damages incurred by the User as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by THE OWNER, as long as it is from sources other than the latter.  

Transfer of Personal Data:

THE OWNER shall not transfer the personal data of users to third parties, unless it is authorized in writing by the user.

Exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition:

You may send notifications and exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the following e-mail:, or by regular post addressed to Surfinca Azul / Avda. Asunción 32 – 5º 38007 S/C de Tenerife., Spain. In order to exercise these rights and in compliance with the Organic Law on Data Protection, it is necessary for you to provide proof of your identity to THE OWNER by sending a photocopy of your official National I.D. or any other I.D. that is legally valid.

Security measures:

THE OWNER has adopted the safety levels for the protection of Personal Data that are legally required, and endeavour to install any other additional technical resources and measures within their reach in order to avoid the loss, incorrect use, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the Personal Data provided. THE OWNER shall not be liable for any losses or damages that may be derived from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system, caused by reasons that are beyond THE OWNER's control; delays or blockages in the use of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overloads on telephone lines or overloads in the Data Processing Centre, the Internet system or other electronic systems, as well as by any damages that may be caused by third parties by means of illegitimate tampering beyond THE OWNER's control. However, the User should be aware that the security measures are not impregnable.

Acceptance and Consent: 

The User hereby declares that they have been informed as to the conditions for personal data protection, and that they accept and consent to same being processed on an automatic basis by THE OWNER, in the form and for the purposes indicated in this Personal Data Protection Policy. Certain services provided on the Portal may contain particular conditions with specific warnings in relation to Personal Data protection.



For any issues that arise in relation to the interpretation, application and compliance with this Legal Disclaimer, and for any claims that may be derived from its use, all of the parties involved hereby submit to the Judges and Courts of S/C de Tenerife, Spain, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled.



The Legal Disclaimer is governed by Spanish law.

All copyrights under the international intellectual property laws and treaties are hereby reserved. Total or partial copying, reproduction or dissemination of it by any means is expressly prohibited.


Privacy Policy



Information clause COOKIES

What are cookies in computers?

Cookies are small, often encrypted text files located in browser directories; they are also known as browser or tracking cookies. Web developers use cookies to help their users browse more easily and carry out certain functions. Due to their core role of enhancing and enabling certain website processes, disabling cookies may prevent users from accessing certain websites.

Cookies are created when a user’s browser loads a specific website. This website sends information to the browser which then creates a text file. Every time the user returns to the same website, the browser recovers the file and sends it to the website’s server. However, the website the user is browsing is not the only one that creates cookies. Other websites that run ads, tools or other elements on the page being loaded also create cookies. These cookies regulate how ads appear or how the tools and other elements function on the webpage.

Most browsers currently allow users to choose whether they wish to accept cookies and if so, which ones. These settings are usually found on the Options or Preferences tabs in the browser menu.

Below are the instructions for setting cookies on some of the most popular browsers. These instructions are for guidance purposes only, as browser settings may change at any time:

· Chrome: Settings > Show advanced options > Privacy > Content settings. For further information, please consult Google support or the browser’s Help section.

 · Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > Record > Custom settings. For further information, please consult Mozilla support or the browser’s Help section. · Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings. For further information, please consult Microsoft support or the browser’s Help section.  

· Safari: Preferences > Security. For further information, please consult Apple support or the browser’s Help section.

Why we use them

We use cookies to customise your user experience when you visit our websites, by identifying and remembering the registered user to enhance your browsing experience. It is important to point out that cookies do not capture personal data, so users remain anonymous. If you have any queries, please consult our LEGAL NOTICE or contact us at the email address in our website.

What type of cookies are used on this website?

Cookies can be divided into session cookies, or persistent or tracking cookies, depending on their permanence. Session cookies expire when the user closes the browser. Persistent or tracking cookies expire when they have served their purpose (e.g., to ensure pages are always delivered in a chosen language) or when they are manually removed. Cookies can also be classified according to their purpose:

· Geolocation cookies: These cookies are used to determine which country you are in when you request a web site or service. They are completely anonymous and are only used to help guide content to your location.

· Registration or sign-up cookies: These cookies are generated once a user has registered or signed in and are used to identify that user in web sites and services for the following purposes:

o To keep users signed in, despite closing a service or website, browser or computer. On re-entry to the service or website, users continue to be signed in, which enhances their browsing experience and does not require them to repeat the sign-in process. This feature can be suppressed if the user clicks on Sign Out. The cookie will then be eliminated and the user will need to sign in next time.

o To check whether the user is authorised to access certain services, for example, access to the Registered Users Area.

o In addition, some services may use third party links, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. By registering at a service using the credential of a social media network or third party identification system, users authorise that service or system to save a persistent cookie that remembers their identity and ensures they can enter the website until that cookie expires. Users may delete this cookie and cancel access to the website through social networks or third party identification systems by updating their preferences on the social networking site in question.

· Analytical cookies: Every time a user visits a web site or service, an external provider tool (Google Analytics and others) generates an analytical cookie in the user’s device. This cookie is only generated during the visit and will be used in future visits to identify the visitor anonymously. Here are the main aims of this cookie: o To identify users anonymously through the cookie (it identifies users and devices, not people) and keep track of approximate visitor numbers and trends over time.

o To identify anonymously the content that is most visited and therefore most attractive to users.

o To discover whether user visits are new or repeated.

Important: Cookies will never be associated with any personal information that may identify you. 

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